Online resources for understanding society

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

An excellent and broad source of informative essays on philosophers and philosophical topics, written by experts in the respective fields.

Daily Nous

A regular blog providing news about new research and other developments in philosophy today. "News for and about the philosophy profession."

The European Network for Philosophy of Social Science

An active network of productive scholars in the field of the philosophy of social science spanning many European universities. ENPOSS hosts an annual conference and provides extensive information about related events of interest to philosophers in the field.

Houlgate Books

A series of valuable and accurate introductions to foundational texts in philosophy, authored by Lawrence Houlgate.

Yad Vashem The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

"The Holocaust Resource Center provides access to a variety of resources exploring the history of the Holocaust, major events that occurred during the Holocaust, Frequently Asked Questions and video testimonies from those who survived."

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

A rich collection of materials on the history of the Holocaust.

American Sociological Association resources

Newsletters, blogs, and pre-publications in a range of sub-disciplines of sociology.

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